Finlay MacDonald

Digital Designer based in the North East of Scotland, specialised in graphic design, 3D modelling and animation, games development and mobile application development.

2D Video Game 'Terminal Velocity'

Terminal Velocity - Spaceship, Asteroid and Blackhole
Created using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash and Audacity. Click to view the full-size image. Click here to play!


Create a fun, interactive 2D game based on a theme of your choice aimed for a group of 10 to 16 year olds.

Game Design:

I thought about the games I'd like to play and looked at areas of interest for the age range. I recognised a large portion of the audience were casual players looking for a quick distraction during break time.

During the early stages, I spent time sketching out designs of spaceships, pickups and asteroids trying to get a feel of what the game would be like.

Terminal Velocity Title and Second Ship

Art and Sound:

All the art assets were created using Adobe Illustrator, drawing inspiration from Firefly, concept cars / bikes, giant robots and lobster tailed armour.

The sound for the game was sourced from and modified to suit the game. Some of the more complex sounds, such as the collision noises, were created by splicing multiple audio clips together. Music was sourced and modified to loop forever.

Ship Selection Screen Ship 2 Sketch of the first designed ship


The game was implemented using ActionScript 3.0 over the course of a few weeks. Some of the game mechanics such as object collisions were manually coded due to the limitations of the development environment. After completing the bare bones of the game, I added additional features such as the high score system and options to pick different ships.

During development, I decided that the game's difficulty should be exponential as this would avoid needing to create multiple levels. For each blackhole the player passes, the number of asteroids heading towards the player and the speed at which they travel will increase. I also thought about replayability and had ideas for ship upgrades, but these were ultimately left out due to time constraints.

Game Notes

Press WASD to move Up, Left, Down, Right.

Press Space to fire.

Using the Orange Ship? Use the Mouse to aim.