Finlay MacDonald

Digital Designer based in the North East of Scotland, specialised in graphic design, 3D modelling and animation, games development and mobile application development.

3D Composite Render ‘Le Cafe’

Final Composite Render of the proposed Cafe in Duthie Park
Created using 3DS Max and Adobe Photoshop. Click to view the full-size image. Scroll down to see more.


As a group, create a realistic render of a place where people can eat or have coffee in. The location must be inside Duthie park, Aberdeen and include a terrace with tables and chairs.


I proposed the location to the team, and we discussed the design of the restaurant. Before getting stuck in, we visited the local competition. Floor plans were quickly sketched out and we came to an agreement on the styling. To avoid overlap, I allocated tasks and goals to team members.

Night Time Render 1 Night Time Render 2


I used a mix of spline and box modelling to create my contribution of the models. I created all the furniture including the bar as well as the different types of glasses. The models were textured using bitmaps with a mix of multi and standard materials

Render Passes and Post Processing

Individual render passes were completed using Mental Ray and were then composited using Photoshop. Some adjustments were needed such as darkening the shadows. A blur was then applied to the far windows using a layer mask and the Z depth render.

Lighting Layer Render Pass
Lighting Layer Render Pass
Z-Depth Layer Render Pass
Z-Depth Layer Render Pass