Finlay MacDonald

Digital Designer based in the North East of Scotland, specialised in graphic design, 3D modelling and animation, games development and mobile application development.

2D Rogue-Like Video Game 'Junk Ship'

Junk Ship Title Card by 'I just Game in my Pants'
Created using Unity, Adobe Photoshop and Audacity. Click to view the full-size image. Click here to play!


Create a video game within 48 hours based upon the theme ‘A World Without’ at the Moray Game Jam in Elgin. I entered with a couple of friends, and on the day we managed to convince an artist to join.


Just like previous years, we once again quickly brainstormed ideas. A world without land lead to some interesting gameplay ideas and talks about mechanics. Using ‘Faster Than Light’ and ‘Sid Meier’s Pirates!’ as inspiration, we created a Rogue-Like, node based, adventure game, loosely based on the film ‘Waterworld’.

In this game, you control a Junk Ship navigating the oceans struggling to survive. You owe a local warlord a ton of scrap (the currency of the future) and must collect enough to pay him or face his wrath. The game is mix of procedural and randomly generated events, combined with ship combat.

A battle with many ships rages. A ship has just been blown up.
In combat, fire your cannons at ships and avoid mines. Click to view full-size.
A view of the game map. Open ocean everywhere with nodes to travel to.
Navigate the ocean collecting scrap, fighting enemies and avoiding the Boss. Click to view full-size.


My responsibilities involved implementing the combat phases of the game. Several scripts were written to achieve the various functions such as randomly spawning enemy positions, amounts and types, the enemy ship AI and the various stages of alertness, player / enemy ship movements and sound triggers. C# was used to implement all functionality of the game.

During development, I had to work closely with another team member who was implementing the navigation screen. Data such as amount of scrap and health were transferred between combat / navigation, so it was important to be on the same page.

Empty encounter. Two men drag up an empty net.
An encounter where nothing happens. Click to view full-size.
Enemy combat encounter. A man points towards an oncoming ship
An encounter where combat is initiated. Click to view full-size.

Sound Design:

I was also responsible for implementing audio into the game and dozens of sound effects were created to give the player feedback. Assets were sourced online through Creative Commons and compiled using Audacity. For some sound files, several clips were overlaid and modified to suit the game

Runners Up:

At the end of the weekend, my team were awarded the runner up prize. Want to find out why? Play it below!

Game Notes

For best viewing experience, play fullscreen

Press WAS D to move in 4 directions.

Left Click to shoot left

Right Click to shoot Right

The game ends when the boss comes to find you.