Finlay MacDonald

Digital Designer based in the North East of Scotland, specialised in graphic design, 3D modelling and animation, games development and mobile application development.

3D Point and Click Video Game 'Double Think'


My honours project for my final year at Robert Gordons University involved creating a 3D game prototype using Unity. The game went through multiple iterations and took both semesters to develop.


I originally had the inspiration for the game from my 2015 Game Jam entry. Starting from this prototype, I converted the concept into 3D. The project went through several different concepts before I finally decided to create a point and click adventure game. As time progressed, features were cut due to over ambition.


Just like my other Unity projects, I used C# for implementing the functional aspects. This was my first time using the language so it was a bit of a learning curve having to incrementally learn the language and then implement the new features.

Modular assets:

The first few prototypes of the main level started from Sketchup. The models exported from Sketchup were not ideal for game development and as time progressed, I realised this would make texturing the environment much too difficult. Remembering back to previous game jams, I restarted the project with the focus to create modular assets which could be reused over and over. This would improve performance as I could choose not to render obscured geometry and it would also make changing the level dynamically much easier.

Physical Based Rendering Materials

For texturing the various components, I researched PBR Materials. I generated a series of maps such as bump, specular and metalness from photographs using the program Crazy Bump. These were then applied using Unity materials in the editor. This was my first look into PBR which would later influence my teaching in the years to come.