Finlay MacDonald

Digital Designer based in the North East of Scotland, specialised in graphic design, 3D modelling and animation, games development and mobile application development.

Short Food Films: 'Burger, Vegan, Pasta'

Three handmade burgers lined up on a chopping board
Filmed Using a DSLR and edited using Premier Pro


As part of a friendly competition on social media, I filmed 3 short videos showing the creation of different dishes. Each week a new category of food was announced and at the end of the week, 1 contestant was voted out by the other contestants.

These films are light humoured and not to be taken too seriously. I quite enjoyed upsetting the typical vlog post.

A tasty vegan dish in a white bowl


Using my DSLR, I setup a tripod and filmed myself preparing the dishes. This was a little awkward and required a bit of back and forth having to check and reposition the camera. For the mower scene, I had my brother step in whilst I remained filming.

A tasty bowl of pasta in a white bowl


For each film, I started by taking the footage into Premiere and quickly assembling a first cut of the films. I then picked a piece of music and timed the cuts to the music. This started to get a bit extreme when it came to the pasta film. For the first two videos, I added a few extra sound effects in to add a bit of humour.

The Vegan dish Premiere Timeline
The Pasta dish Premiere Timeline


Due to the tight time constraints, I was only able to add a few colour corrections to the first 2 videos. Due of the large volume of cuts it also proved challenging to export.